This is Dali

I stumbled upon a photography online course whilst I was looking for improving my coding skills during my graduate school years (my main gig is software development). I had always wondered how lenses worked, what different focal lengths really mean, and most importantly - why in the world are DSLRs so expensive! That one click led happen a career, one that opened my eyes, literally. 

Portrait photography has its own magic and only people who do it actively can really explain. Something fascinates me about capturing people and make them look good. I almost always instantly feel joy seeing the images I capture. To me, this isn't a job, but more like a permission for me to play with my camera with real people. 

Apart from doing software and photography, I also play violin for a local orchestra and trying to get into small music projects as much as I can. I guess I just really enjoy experiencing life to the fullest through art. 

Can't wait to get to meet you!